Thank you for your interest in becoming a Partner.

I am looking to recruit partners that can help promote my services and introduce me to new clients.
If you own a business / service and you think you would benefit from a mutual partnership, please take a look at the following options and choose the one that most adjusts to your business needs.

Monthly Retainer

For clients who require services on an ongoing basis, I offer monthly retainer plans to accommodate your needs.
Whether you may need graphic work, social media management or website maintenance this service enables you to have a professional working for your company available at any time.
Just subscribe to a monthly retainer, the price and time (hours) can be defined according to the needs of each company and for the required duration.

Business Proposal

Beat the competition. Retain your clients by offering a wider range of services.
If you are a company or an institution that provides useful services and is in need of my services, submit the following form and I will evaluate your partnership proposal. I am always looking for new partners to offer interesting, innovative and useful services and further expand my client database.
It enriches your portfolio by adding variety, and it can also expand your business’ reach and broaden your market.
If you own a business and you believe that your clients would benefit from the services that I provide, we should meet.

Global Delivery Service Framework

This framework allows companies to provide services for 24 hour networking and creative cycles, which help minimize client costs while improving service speed to market.
A firm can work round the clock for its customer, handing off work from one location to another at the end of the ‘day shift’ (‘follow the sun’ model) – thus providing twice or even three times the capacity they would have if they worked in a single location/ time-zone only.

Architects or Designers

If you are an architect or a designer and you are thinking about a particular project or future works that may require assistance, write to me and we shall evaluate together the feasibility and the opportunities of the partnership.

Let’s grow together!