Wordpress Website Development

Need a website? Allow me to assist you. Since 2006, I’ve build dozens of WordPress websites.
I offer WordPress Web Design services and WordPress support.

Typical turnaround time is anywhere from 1 week to 1 month (depending on the complexity of the project).

Here’s my work process:

1. Consultation

The first step is an initial discovery consultation with you regarding your website project requirements.
This will allow me to understand your business needs, website objectives and to underline which features will have to have implemented.
I will get to know your target audience as well as your competition. This will help me determine the best path to achieve your goals.
This meeting will provide me with an initial structure of your future website.

2. Design

Next I will study the best theme to set your brand apart.
Your brand colors and all images associated with your business will be taken into account.
You website won’t just be aesthetically pleasing, but also exceedingly functional and intuitive for your audience.
All the objectives set forth in our initial consultation will have to be met.

3. Develop

Then comes the part where I bring the design to life.
The theme will be ajusted to your company branding, and I will implement all the features that were discussed in our initial consultation.
If further features have been requested by the client that should need further programming, a group of talented developers will help me with functional programming. We will then support our work with comprehensive testing to ensure the usability and functionality of your website (and make adjustments accordingly).
This is the most important step in the process.

4. Delivery / Launch

Once your website is finalized (and properly tested) it’s time to launch!
The website will be delivered to you and we will provide you with all the information and data so we can ensure a seamless and straightforward transition. You will be able to proficiently do all your updates and maintenance without any further assistance.

5. Support

My work doesn’t end once your website is live. If you wish, I can provide ongoing, monthly support to make certain your site keeps exceeds your business objectives with further updates, new design and content.

Ready to begin? Order now your website!

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